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The Podcast On Podcasting

Jan 14, 2022

Whatever business you are in, it is important that you have a clear view of your process and who you are dealing with. Dive in as Kevin Brenner shares his insights on how to automate your podcasting to streamline your process, connect with guests, and key takeaways to develop show notes. 



  • Simplifying your podcasting process 
  • Is it a smart idea to do a pre-interview call?
  • Ways to create an impressive show notes
  • Should you seek post-production and marketing support?
  • Powerful tips to get started with podcasting  





Kevin Brenner is a University of Miami graduate with a Bachelors in Atmospheric Science and top Pentagon Air Force meteorologist, Kevin is not your typical Wall Street fund manager. Rather than pursue an expensive finance degree, Kevin spent years meticulously educating himself in every facet of multifamily real estate from syndications to underwriting to fund management. Apart from serving his country, Kevin is a well-recognized investor, coach, mentor, and host of the top-rated Active Duty Passive Income Podcast. With over 250,000+ downloads worldwide, Kevin's growing influence and network in the real estate space has helped him expand his personal multifamily portfolio. A passionate educator, Kevin is Active Duty Passive Income's Director of Single-Family Education where he coaches over 150+ military real estate investors on how to succeed in real estate. 




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